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Minutes of  Annual General Meeting

held on Thursday 23 June 2016 19.45pm. at Wesley Road Club

Present: Mick Jones, Richard Drew, Les Huntley, Martin Bloomfield. The Fixtures & General Secretary (Ray Simpson) was unable to attend.

Respects - A one  minute silence was observed to respect those members & ex-members who had passed away since the last AGM.

Season 2015-6

Minutes of previous season AGM were read, agreed and seconded.

Chairman's Report

Mick confirmed that this is his last meeting and thanked everyone for their support especially committee members.

Mick expressed the hope that the incoming chairman would also receive our support.

Trophies have gone for engraving, only 4 trophies needed an overhaul.

Mick will help the committee to organise chairman's select match and presentation night.

Secretary's Report (Ray)

2015-16 season was completed, exactly on schedule, final league rearranged matches by Fri 13 May and final cup matches  by Fri 20 May.

There were 23 league cancellations during the season,  7 were rearranged by the teams and the remaining 16 by myself (Ray).

5 of these were cancelled and rearranged a second time.

One or teams were regularly late or very late sending in results meaning it was difficult for Martin to maintain a 100% fully up to date points table.

Promotions and relegations.

Stragglers and Roadrunners promoted to Div 1
Buccaneers and Glos Rd B promoted to Div 2

Lamb Shankers and The Crown relegated to Div 2
Bustard C and Outcasts relegated to Div 3

Cups - congratulations to all cup, singles and pairs winners.

Thanks to the 25 teams who completed and returned forms enabling me to update records. Of missing 6 4  were from Div 1.

Finally I thank Mick for all his support and assistance.

Rule changes - none were made in the past season.

Media Secretary's Report (Martin)

No issues to report other than request for punctual results for maintaining up to date league tables.

Treasurer's Report

Les distributed a sheet showing the accounts to be in  healthy state.  


Payment to 3 secretaries and treasurer was discussed while subjects were asked to leave the room. Honoraria payment was approved and also raised from £250 to £300.

New Season 2016-17 

Election of officers

Following the previously reported decisions to step down by Mick (Chairman)  and Ray (Cup and Competitions only) new volunteers have come forward and been accepted as follows.

New Chairman - Serge Polledri. Serge is a member of the Nomads team and has previous experience of committee work at Trowbridge Pool League.

New cup & competition fixtures secretary - Mark Hemmings. Mark is a member off Glos Rd B team.
As there is insufficient time  for Mark to make draws, dates etc and to advise the sponsoring alleys of their fixtures by early August, Ray has done the preparation and first rounds of the 4 main cups. These fixtures will be issued at start of season August meeting, the sponsors being informed 1-2 weeks prior to that. Ray will pass data to Mark for continuation. 

Other officers remained as before, Richard Drew Vice Chairman, Ray Simpson Fixtures Secretary, Martin Bloomfield Stats and Media

Withdrawals & Applications to the league - 

There were none at the time of meeting. However on returning home an email from Hilperton was seen, declaring withdrawal of the team from new season's league and competitions. The email had arrived after leaving the house for this AGM. I have sent an acknowledgement and the league will continue with one team less in Div 3.

Formation of divisions
The division structure was agreed to follow that which was voted last season
ie Division 1 = 10 teams, Division 2 = 10 teams and Division 3 = 11 teams.

Following Hilperton's decision to withdraw the format is now 10,10,10.

The playing format will be as before;
Division 1 = Front Pin, Divisions 2 and 3 = Rough Pins.

Competitions and sponsorship

We have 8 confirmed sponsors :  
The Lamb, The Greyhound, The Twelve Bells, Wesley Rd Club,
Trowbridge Cricket Club, Newtown Social Club, Gloucester Rd Con Club, Southwick Sports and Social Club. 


1. Submitted by R. McMillan and D.DRew of JB Sports

To amend rule 5.4 which reads If a team is able to field less than 8 players in any league  match the it must be postponed and re-scheduled. 
The proposal is to change it to 9 as 8 is too low.- Proposal rejected

2. Submitted by Richard Gill. Make outgoing chairman Mick a life member. - proposal turned down by Mick.

Any other business.


The dates of the new season's meetings are;

Meeting 1 – Tuesday 10 August 2016 - score book & envelopes pick-up
Meeting 2 – Tuesday   9 November 2016 - paying In and general
Meeting 3 – Tuesday   8 February 2017 - paying in and general

NB there are errors in the proposed dates for Meetings 1, 2 and 3 .Corrections are being communicated via website

Meeting 4 – Tuesday 23 May 2017 - end of season
Annual General Meeting – Thursday 22 June 2017

All meetings will be at the Wesley Road Club and will start at 8pm except AGM starting at 7.45.
Meeting 1 

Chairman’s Select Team

It was announced that the Chairman’s Team versus JB Sports would be on Friday 2 September at Wesley Road Club. The team would be posted on the website and would be selected from a list of players with the leading averages

.Presentation Night
The presentation night will be on Saturday 3 September, at The Wesley Road Club. Mr Chairman urged everyone to attend if you were receiving a cup. The band was announced as “The Sneakers”.

Attendance Register
A roll-call revealed that all teams were present AT THIS AGM, with the exception of The Twelve Bells who would be fined £10 & deducted 2 points for the start of the 2016-17 season.
The meeting was closed.