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Meetings are held at Wesley Road Club usually in the upstairs Committee room (unless otherwise specified on arrival) and start at 8.00pm (except AGM 7.45pm)

Please note: Attendance by a team representative at each of the above meetings is mandatory - non-representation will incur a fine of £10 per meeting & 2 point deduction. Please also note that it is required that you remain for the whole meeting, a roll-call will be called after the meeting to ensure this happens.

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Meetings - 2019-2020 Season

8pm Tuesday - 5 Nov 2019 - paying in

8pm Tuesday - 11 Feb 2020 - paying in 

8pm Tuesday - 26 May 2020 - end of season

AGM.....be seated 7..30pm for 7.45pm start Tuesday 23 June 2020


Officials & Life Members of the League

President M Bell Life Members D Betteridge
Vice Presidents A Diffell   M Butcher
  R Drew   K Brown
  R Gill   R Butt
  T Mortimer   K Dallimore
    R Dalton
      A Diffell
Auditors G Jones   R Drew
  vacant   R Gill
      D Harris
      L Johnson
      T Mortimer
      C Proudman
      F Webb
D White
S Wilmott

Executive Committee

Chairman Mike Jones
Vice Chairman
Rich Drew 
Treasurer Les Huntley
League Fixtures Secretary Sergio Polledri
Cup Fixtures Secretary Marc Hemmings
Statistics, Media & Website Admin Martin Bloomfield

Management Committee

Marcus Gardner Tony Singer
Roy Hillman Roger Smith
Roger Mundy Peter Spong
Julian Pike

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