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Meeting 2 of the 2015/16 Season, Wesley Road Club, main hall

Tue 10 November 2015 at  8pm


Officials present

Chairman Mick Jones
Vice Chairman Rich Drew
Stats & Media Secretary Martin Bloomfield
Treasurer Les Huntley

Apologies received from Fixtures and Competitions Secretary Ray Simpson


A one minute silence was held as mark of respect for former players who were no longer with us.

 Chairman’s Report

Guestbook - Many more repetitive complaints about fixtures had been posted on the online guestbook often anonymously or with fictitious names. It was considered that the guestbook could be closed down. Martin would investigate any options, other than email, for communication maybe with team passwords

Formation of 3 divisions - This was raised as an issue by one team who had been relegated from div 2 to div 3 purely to balance the numbers. Mick apologised for this and would discuss the issue with fixtures secretary.

Final year as chairman - Mick reminded that this was to be his last year as chairman so someone would need to think about filling that role.


Fixtures and Competition Secretary’s Report


Ray reported that as of 7 Nov there were 6 league game cancellations mostly involving the same couple of team. Other commitments was given as the cause. Re-assurance was required of efforts to resolve these and prevent further delay.


Cup fixtures had been distributed to end of Dec 2015 and futher issues would be made late Dec for Jan/Feb matches.  Doubling up of two teams a week has been done at slight inconvenience in order to prevent later more troublesome fixture jams.

Singles/Pairs entry forms wil be issued end of Dec.


Media and Statistics Secretary Report

Nothing to report – guestbook was covered in chairmans report

Treasurers report. Les Huntley was in attendance and welcomed for his first paying in meeting. No other problems to report



The roll call showed that all teams were represented at the meeting

Meeting closed.

Next meeting - Tues 9 February 2016
(this is a fee paying meeting, with all subs to be paid in full)