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Meeting 3 of 2015/16 season


Meeting 3 of the 2015/16 Season at Wesley Road Club on Tue 9 February 8pm

Officials present
Chairman Mick Jones
Vice Chairman Rich Drew
Stats & Media Secretary Martin Bloomfield
Apologies received from Fixtures and Competitions Secretary Ray Simpson

The meeting opened at 8pm
One minutes silence was observed to pay respects for our former treasurer Phil Allen who passed away

in January and for any other players who had passed away since previous meeting.

Chairman’s Report
- The
Chairman re-affirmed that he would be stepping down at the end of this 2015-16 season and so any

 interested volunteers are encouraged to step forward

The meeting was advised that the John Bull would soon be up for sale. This was another alley loss

so soon after the closure of the Bustard Club.

Fixtures and Competition Secretary’s Report
Of 7 cancelled matches 3 were by one team.and of their matches that were played results were

delivered persistantly up to a week late.
(This has since been sucessfully resolved)

Stepping down of cup secretary
Further to the Chairman stepping down, Ray has also announced that he would not be doing the job of

cup secretary next season (2016-17) .
Therefore another vacant position has arisen
Ray will continue as League fixtures secretary

Ray warned that the effects of the cup fix. sec. vacancy, were it not filled, would be as follows.

A shorter league season (If divisions unchanged)

In order to fill season from Sept to Apr/May two divisions of 16 would give 30 matches per team with no bye

weeks except on holiday dates.

No sponsorship money

Increase in league fee to £120-£125 per team.

AGM proposals
After the Feb meeting, Ray requested the following Proposals notice be placed on website.
Any proposals for this year's AGM must clearly state the proposing team and also the seconding team.
be submitted to Ray Simpson and in his hands by Friday 20 May.

This date is before the next (End of Season) meeting Tue 24 May
The AGM will be Thur 23 June 7.45pm Wesley Rd..

Media and Statistics Secretary Report

It has been decided to keep the Guestbook until further notice as it is an efficient means of passing messages.

The issue of posting anonymous nonsense has greatly reduced.

The roll call showed that most teams were represented at the meeting with the exception of four all of whom

have 2 points deducted and receive a £10 fine.

They were :-





Whistle Blowers.

Meeting closed.